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Delv is an ambient indie folk project by Philly songwriter and producer Kris Leigh. The music blends delicate fingerstyle guitar, ambient synth undertones and hushed vocal melodies to create a dreamy, dark atmosphere.

Originally a folk singer-songwriter, Kris wanted to expand past the limitations of using only guitar and voice by adding the energy of electronic production. The compositions create depth and tension while remaining dedicated to the simplicity and warmth of folk-style music, creating a soft and commanding presence.  

Her second release "Gardens and Plantings" is a 12 part series that will end in a full album release, each single being released one month at a time.  Conceptually, she wanted to do something unconventional that mirrored the slow, introspective pacing of our time in quarantine and the challenging of structure in our social world. The record speaks of feminine fluidity and the harboring of concealed gardens and plantings that reveal themselves in real time.


"The result is something quietly powerful, and each track becomes its own world, complete with space and warmth and sadness" - Various Small Flames

"Created out of several disembodied vocal drones that sound as if they are pouring in from the peripheries of the audio field and layered atop guitar lines that fold into one another... easy to sink in and surrender to." - TTTWM

Gardens Promo.jpg
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